X-accounting is a full-service accounting firm.


The main difference is that we provide our customers with the right technology to cut their accounting cost significantly and that we charge our customers per voucher we bookkeep manually.


- No more surprising accounting bills. With X-accounting your bill for X invoices will be X times $9

(but only for the invoices book-kept manually by us)




How we do it:


First of all, X-accounting uses the full power of the online accounting system 24SevenOffice. Each of our customers is assigned a 24SevenOffice account who can take care of your invoicing and bookkeeping.


  • You will get a dedicated inbox/e-mail address where you, or even better, your customers, can send you their invoices directly and electronically into 24SevenOffice

  • 24SevenOffice will OCR read the invoice, so you don´t need to enter the information manually

  • 24Seven Office will automatically assign cost account for invoice bookkeeping based on past entries. This means that only a small portion of vouchers need to be manually processed

  • Users can have vouchers manually processed by our team for a low cost of $9 per voucher. You only forward to manual processing, the invoices/vouchers you want or the ones you find too complicated.


Since invoicing is done in the same system as the accounting, there is no need to double-enter Invoice information for the bookkeeping of invoices.


Live reports and increased control.




























Since your business and your accountant work live in the same system you will get an outstanding control of your business. All reports like P&L, Balance sheet etc will be live updated and they are accessible on both web and mobile. All reports support drill down all the way down to the actual voucher.

Drill down and live reports will be a game changer for your business.



















You can also easily record your outgoing payments and your customer's payments in one easy to use interface. This saves you money on external accounting and keeps your accounts and ledgers up to date.


Leave the rest up to us


Do the work you want, and leave the rest to us. All companies do their own invoicing, but when it comes to bookkeeping each company is different.


Some customers rely on X-Accounting’s use of OCR to automatically read invoices and assign cost accounting. All other accounting functions are forwarded to us.


Other customers record and classify all of their invoices and keep the ledgers up to date themselves.  


It is important to mention that some vouchers need to be manually processed since they are too complex or unique. This is where our team can help. If these aren’t processed correctly, this could lead to errors in the ledger.


Errors in the ledger result in fees for checking and recovering these errors in which case the bank reconciliation must be done by one of our professionals.


By using X-Accounting, companies can save from 30%-60% in accounting expenses, while still gaining more control of your business.


A system you can grow with


24Sevenoffice is one of the most comprehensive cloud-based ERP systems. Customers can seamlessly upgrade to 24SevenOffice Pro at any time.


24SevenOfficePro provides CRM, Finance, Accounting, Project Management, Time Registration, Reporting, and Travel functionality.

24SevenOffice gives us the right tool to work together with our customers in a optimized way. 

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