X-accounting is an online accounting firm who specializes in bookkeeping on cloud-based accounting systems. Our mission is to give our customers the right tools to cut costs and gain control by using the best cloud-based ERP software available.


We give our customers the freedom to as much as they want. Just forward the vouchers that you want us to process, and spend more time focusing on your business.


X-Accounting is a gold certified partner with 24SevenOffice, which is the world’s first cloud-based accounting system.


We will help guide you through the on-line accounting processes and workflows. We will also address any and all questions you may have.

Our Management Team
Jeff Florick, CEO

info@x-accounting.net | Phone SB: +1 646 851 0555

Jenny Van Bingen, CFO

info@x-accounting.net | Phone SB: +1 646 851 0555

Nora Lee Smith, HR

info@x-accounting.net | Phone SB: +1 646 851 0555

Denis G. Roberts, Sales Manager

info@x-accounting.net | Phone SB: +1 646 851 0555

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